Meet the cast

For easy reference, a list of the main players in this here blog o’ mine:

The Model of a Modern Major General (we had a “thing” once, when we were, what? 16? Trustworthy, sensible, flirtatious and with a slight wicked streak. Now married with two children, he gives me very useful advice on plugs and amuses me with admissions that he’s scared of my father)

Fursty Ferret (uni drinking buddy, made introductions to Old UK Club and most of my friends at uni. Loyal, one of those vivacious guys who you think is life and soul but actually, sometimes, just wants to sit down and chat. Now sings beautiful renditions of Les Mis down the phone at me. Also scared of my father)

Bad Influence (another uni friend. Big cow eyes, sparkling, sarcastic, kind. She’s only met my parents twice. Both times she was so hungover she couldn’t speak)

Gwyneth Paltrow look-a-like (ex-work colleague. Intelligent, thoughtful, considerate. Has exceptionally good taste when it comes to interiors and generally looking fabulous. Now mother to a brood. Although I hate babies generally, I have to say, annoyingly, her family is annoyingly good looking. Damn her!)

Grace Kelly (another uni friend. Stylish. Gorgeous. Intelligent. Horribly nice. Possibly slightly embarrassed by me. Shares a passion for the Slipper and the Rose and other films of that ilk.)

The Crush (guy I used to go to college with and consequently lost and gained contact with. Recently met up with him after 10 years. It didn’t go as planned. Army boy. Regularly in Scary War Place)

All-American Girl and Rabbie (She: rugby playing, American, blonde, friendly, grounded, and currently living back in the US of A. Engaged to be married to a delightful rugby player. He: AAG’s ex-boyfriend. Scottish, dry, kind, back in the land of Susan Boyle from whence he came.)

Dixie Chick and the Squire (She: ex-work colleague and friend, great cook, sounding board, wicked grin. He: fantastically argumentative, far too cool to be associated with me. Now both residing in London. Recently married.)

Sir Charmsalot (charming, kind, possibly secretly dirty. Now living in Brazil and engaged. Moving back this way soon.)

My Swiss family (helped me out when I first moved here. Parents, two kids and one daughter in law, one new grandchild. Good company, good food, good wine)

Jua kali (friend of my parents who lives on the other side of the lake to me. A welcome retreat when things get too much)

The Canadian (introduced to me by Dixie Chick. Dedicated, talented, easily led (by me), sometimes sarcastic, amusing (despite her protestations to the contrary) and generous with time and advice)

Monsieur de la Pérouse (French ex-colleague, blogger, explorer, bon viveur and, more recently, an agony aunt who specialises in telling me I’m useless.)

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  5. Dear Deidre says:

    […] Meet the cast […]

  6. Hello.

    Seeing as you were kind enough to pay my blog a visit I figured that I would return the favour.

    I am happy that I did as I am enjoying what I have read so far (pictures of shirtless men aside). I am looking forward to pretending to work today whilst actually going through your previous posts.

    • nuttycow says:

      Hey 🙂 Welcome. The compliment is reciprocated, I love reading about your Pompey antics. You’ll be thrilled to hear that, due to my inability to post regularly, there’s not that much to go through.

  7. […] Meet the cast […]

  8. I love your blog, and I keep looking for some way to follow it via WordPress. Do you have a follow button somewhere I’m not finding?

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