The Hot Rugby Men 1st XV

Twitter sometimes makes me incredibly happy. Today, for example, because of twitter, I spent the best part of an hour googling good looking rugby men. All in the name of research, of course.

Following on from a long discussion on our top 10 current rugby players (started off by a certain Amy Jones, I hasten to add) RugbyGareth challenged me to come up with my 1st XV of the best looking rugby players. The man knows me well.

I promptly fired up my bookmarks (I jest, I don’t have hot men bookmarked, honestly) and I now present (in no particular order):

The Hot Rugby Men 1st XV

remymartin   bencohen














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5 thoughts on “The Hot Rugby Men 1st XV

  1. Gumpher says:

    A few years ago whilst rather the worse for wear for pastis, I thought that buying my wife the Stade Francais calendar would be a suitable present from a rugby trip to Paris.

    Turns out I was wrong, apparently the foie gras went some way to making up for it. The way she banged on about Dan Carter’s pants advert I thought she’d like it, but on reflection it would have probably put the kids off their breakfast if it was hung in the usual spot in the kitchen!

    • nuttycow says:

      I’m actually in two minds about the Stade Francais calendar. While I’m all for naked men, some of the poses are a little too…close for my taste.

      That said, I probably wouldn’t say no

  2. Your type seems to be boy-next-door-who-could-kick-my-ass. Just an observation.

  3. ddreadpiraterach says:


    Tom Varndell


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