The saucepan list: final tally

The saucepan list was originally written back in July. I then did an update in December. Remember?

I’m now 30. I had things to do. Did I do them?

The Saucepan List

The slightly shallower, slightly shorter version of a bucket list.

Still to do. Um. Yeah. Sorry about that. Bugger. Maybe we can saythat I’ll get in done in the next 30 years?

Done. Sort of. The skiing was done. I didn’t get the stare-over-the-vista picture but I did take a million and one “look where I am, I’m up a mountain” pictures.
















Yeah, I know, I’m showing off a little bit with these ones, aren’t I?

  • Finally follow a recipe word-for-word and see if it works. Dixie Chick does it and her food always turns out fab. I seem to have a “can’t-follow-recipes” gene somewhere. I glance at them, and then make the rest up. (This accounts for a lot.)


  • Get my arse in gear and get some photography lessons. I’ve been meaning to do it for a year. I still haven’t got round to it. Maybe Sir Charmsalot and I can start going on regular “taking photos” fun days?

Not done. Bleugh. Too much work (and er… too much going skiing) means that my weekends were spent either preparing for apres or recovering. Not feeling too guilty about this one, I’ll be honest.

  • Prepare for my impending old age by learning how to knit. I don’t know why this appeals to me. It just does. I’m claiming early senile dementia.

Not done. No excuses on this one. Just didn’t get round to it.

  • Go on a cool group trip somewhere. […] You know, something a little bit different. But fun. And with added wine.

Done. Trip with Bad Influence planned for my birthday. Not exactly a group activity (since it’ll be just the two of us) but it will be different. It will be fun. There will be wine.

  • Frame and hang up those photos I had developed. Oh, and put all the other photos into some semblance of order in a photo album.

Not done. The “other” pictures I hung up previously have since fallen off the wall and I’ve never got round to putting them back up again. I bought some frames the other day and meant to get crafty but well… I wasn’t very good at it. So I gave up. *rolls eyes* yep, useless.

  • Get in the black for the first time since I was 18 and first totally understood the magic of alcohol.


Assessment: Not too bad. Granted, not great either but I have an excuse in the fact that work has been mental busy for the last three months (as my friends – and the fact I haven’t been blogging – will attest). At least there’s been a little progress. Hasn’t there?

But here it is. I’m now 30. Well there you go.

Thoughtful and no doubt depressed blog post on reaching this milestone tomorrow when I’ve had more time to think about it.

How did you get on?

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5 thoughts on “The saucepan list: final tally

  1. modelofamodernmajorgeneral says:

    For one reason or another, I’m not allowed to email. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have lots of fun, do lots of things I don’t do, etc etc.

    when we have email access back (good thing blogs don’t seem to have been banned!), I’ll respond, but until then keep safe.

    ps – another dozen today, maybe more to come…..

  2. I love it when people who are 30 discuss their “impending” old age. It makes me realize I was not a lone neurotic when I was 30. Happy birthday, dear. Don’t be depressed. It’s not worth it and there are some rather nice things about it.

  3. looby says:

    I agree – it’s nothing to be concerned about. Life gets better with age.

  4. Brennig says:

    I’m with looby. Everything does get better with age.

  5. Redbookish says:

    Oh indeed, things get better with age. I had a rocking 30th birthday party in a pub with a one-man punk band. Retro, not echt 1976. I celebrated 40 by re-migrating to the land of my birth and heritage (although on the west rather than the east coast so a different country really). Not fleeing the country on turning 40, oh no no no! Perish the thought. But I was also glad to leave my 30s behind in some ways. It got much better after that, and is now (mostly) wonderful (becoming invisible to the opposite sex is not wonderful, but I console myself by remembering I never was very visible).

    You get to the point when you can say “Life’s too short” and mean it. And for an over-achieving stress bunny that is a huge step forward.

    Keep on enjoying yourself, NC. And make a 10-gallon barrel list soon. It’s fun!

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