Bad influences

me: hallooooooo
bad influence: yo! mo fo! how’re you doing lovely? been an AGE!
me: how’s the man? come on tell me gossip – I miss you
bad influence: yes also good.
bad influence: no gossip i’m afraid!
bad influence: DITTO
bad influence: Hey I’m whizzing around Europe over the next month or so…perhaps I could pop in on Geneva?
give you a big cuddle
me: or you could come up to Lausanne where I actually live – might easier 😉
bad influence: you know what I mean! knob
me: when are you travelling?
bad influence: might have to be a July visit…
me: I’ll have a spare bed by then and it’ll be HOT
bad influence: Yay to hot weekend on the lake!! and yay to spare bed too… don’t want you breathing wine breath on me and trying to spoon me in the night
me: but …but… I thought you liked it?
bad influence: Yeah yeah
me: I now feel cheap
bad influence: and used?
bad influence: do you feel used too?
bad influence: do you?
bad influence: DO YOU?
me: <grin>
bad influence: excellent – my work is done…
me: idiot

Something I love about myself? My friends.

This post is part of Hope’s 30 days of truth series.

Part 2: Something you love about yourself

Part 1: Something you hate about yourself

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  1. awww big grinny face :)

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