The Gallery: Playtime

Well, it’s about time I joined in, isn’t it? I know you lot have been doing it for years but I’ve finally decided to get with it (slightly late this week) and give Tara’s Gallery a go. This week the theme is Playtime

My whole weekend was spent playing. Playing on the water, playing in the water, playing around in boats, playing at being an adult, playing at being a kid again, playing at pretending I didn’t care, playing at confidence, playing cards, playing with boys,  playing around on the grass, playing with the dogs, playing with seaweed, playing at flirting, playing, playing, playing, playing.

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13 thoughts on “The Gallery: Playtime

  1. London-Lass says:

    Excellent example of manly shoulder action – good photo work Nutty 🙂

    But what’s with the hat?

    • nuttycow says:

      The hat… yes, well. I would suggest it’s because the weather’s warm. He claims it’s part of his “uniform”. I don’t question these things, I just dribble over the man on the wakeboard!

  2. Rog says:

    I’m with you all the way until the bit about “playing with seaweed”!

  3. Mud says:

    Love it! And I’m going wakeboarding on Saturday too!

    • nuttycow says:

      Good luck!

      The boys did offer me a go but the thought of a) showing off my fatness and b) falling off a lot didn’t appeal. Maybe when I’m 7 stones lighter I’ll give it a go. Roll on next summer!

  4. Blonde says:

    Nutty – photos of semi-naked men…? More please! Hurrah!

  5. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could somehow work all of this into a money-making venture? You would hardly call it “work.”

  6. Sarah says:

    Both looks and sounds fabulous 🙂

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