Wednesday miscellany XIV

If you do one thing this week you must: Do something completely new – be it walk a new way to work, try new food, learn a new word. Anything. Come on, it’ll be copacetic

Posts I’ve liked in the last week period of time since I last posted:

Alice meets some men
Hannah gets a job
Mel ponders love
Jo gets scared
Annie becomes a product slut
Rosiero makes a clean start
Mud has a plan
Digressica gets scared
J-Money does Maccy Ds
BloodRedRoses survives a wedding
Reluctant Memsahib comes home
English Mum remembers
Nairobi Notes notes a hard day at the office
Livvy talks marriage
Occassional Poster of Comments eavesdrops and then feels stupid
Patroclus goes Monty Python

Did you know? Methuselah is the oldest man on record: 969 years old (Genesis 5:27).

Random Nuttycow fact: One of my favourite photos of me is taken when I’m a baby, supping Pimms from my mother’s glass.

Random twitter update seen this week:

“cxijhoerp[45[p /.,bfv ,.sdflkj wreiou234” shinykatie

Came back to find my cat sitting on my laptop having created a file with the same name as my previous tweet. Also, he’s eaten the + key” shinykatie

Last text message received: “Now THAT’S shocking behaviour!” [can’t remember what I’d done that was quite so shocking but hey ho]

Last text message sent: “Got home ok! Thank you for the lovely card and photos. Speak soon. Love to T. x” [Message to my friend who’s just got married. In her thank you letter (for my pressie to her) she included some very sweet photos of the ceremony. T is the new husband]

Last thought before publishing: The release of writing is good.

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9 thoughts on “Wednesday miscellany XIV

  1. Ben says:

    Damn you choose good posts…

  2. Robbie says:

    Thats alot of blog reading. Is that the longest list you’ve produced?

  3. wow, you’ve mentioned me twice now! I am seriously flattered, thank you!

    That twitter has to be the funniest thing I’ve read. Genius.

  4. Mud says:

    Thanks for the new word – and the mention! In an update to that particular post – S. has just emailed to ask me to a Bond party on Sat night – which is clashing with the poisonous wedding of The Ex and his fiancee, Crazy – my ex-flatmate.

    All go here!

  5. Murph says:

    Phil Colllins isn’t THAT old surely.

    Anyway, you alwight darlin’?

  6. Jo says:

    One of my favourite photos is of me aged about 7 glugging back a glass of champagne.

    There’s something mildly comical about children and alcohol.

    In a non chavvy way, of course.

  7. Livvy U says:

    How brilliant to come by and find your mood changed, if not lifted. Very good. You are so right about writing. Livvy

  8. digressica says:

    Oh, look at that! Am I a total boofhead to only have just noticed I’m in this list? I even already read this post… what an idiot.

    Thanks dude! xx

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