*insert clever title here*

Hello/Howdy/Aloha/You’ll never believe what…

Insert clever introduction focusing on subject of the day

Cue discussion of said topic with references to rugby/kenya/men/gin/bananas/sheep/all of the above. Argument with self about various different points of view on topic. Reference to other people who have discussed same topic.

Link to popular blog here with pertinent comment about how good/bad/famous/amazing/undeserving the writer is

Move topic towards personal anecdote making passing comments about N/love life/cucumbers/diet/house/cat

Funny punchline




1. Agreement with blogger calling on personal experiences

2. Note about lack of correct grammar in post

3. Do you want a bigger penis?

4. Disagreement with blogger calling her all names under the sun

5. Disagreement with the disagreement.

6. Self promoting link

7. Comment on how fit Rupert Penry Jones is

8. Ever fancied an Asian bride? Plenty wait for you now!

9. Clever pun and/or link to article on same subject but written in a better style.

10. Comment made 3 months too late with irrelevant statement

0 thoughts on “*insert clever title here*

  1. Lizsara says:

    You’re absolutely right, in fact the same thing happened to me not last week.

  2. Lizsara says:

    your grammar is terrible you know

  3. Lizsara says:

    I would love any kind at all, it’s very sad being single sometimes

  4. Lizsara says:

    Oi beehatch you’re wrong totally about everything

  5. Lizsara says:

    shall i stop now?

    no, well i agree wit hthe person before who agreed and with the last person who didn’t.

    stupid commenter

  6. Lizsara says:

    come see my blog it’s better than yours

  7. Lizsara says:

    isn’t Rupert Penry-Jones fit

    Watch Burn Up on BBC2 soon

  8. Lizsara says:

    No, ewwwww, i’m not that kind of girl

  9. Lizsara says:

    oh hell i don’t know what to put here, see you in 3 months on this thread

  10. nuttycow says:

    Lizsara – um… yes.

  11. Gump says:

    Ninatokea Marekani.

    Don’t forget the non-English comments that most people can’t understand.

    (Hapana! Sizungumzi Kiswahili. Ninazungumza Kiingereza tu!)

  12. Gump says:

    Ijumaa,Arubaini na saba na robo tatu hours this week. I’m done. I’m fed up. I’m outta here. Have a great weekend everyone.

  13. Ben says:

    I’ll be back in three months with something amazing to say

  14. Ask Alice says:

    Funny you should mention rugby, kenya, men, gin, bananas and sheep.

    I had a great post about those just the other day…

  15. Paiula says:

    I would love to put a smart comment but think everyone else has it covered so I’ll refrain. Great post though!

  16. Jo says:

    So true, so true.

    Fuck – I just conformed.

  17. nuttycow says:

    Gump – Ndiyo.

    Ben – I wait with bated breath

    Ask Alice – Sounds like the most thrilling post, like, EVER. I want more!

    Paiula – Random compliments are as welcome as smart comments

    Jo – Rebel against the system girl 🙂 Don’t conform.

  18. Murph says:

    ..3 months elapses….
    My Grandad ordered a mail order bride once but nothing turned up. He was always complaining about the lack of Grammar in post.

  19. […] Sometimes I read something and feel like I’ve read it before, and then I realize I’m experiencing deja blog. […]

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